March 26, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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the April 19thin 14.30: Is this thnow from fact to Juventus On the penalty Fifteen points of issue capital gains. In fact, the session of the meeting was fixed for that date Coni Warranty Board. On that occasion, it will be discussion And to examine the gravity Presented by Juventus against the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) The Federal Prosecutor’s Office FIGC v resolution From the Federal Court of Appeals to FIGC, United Sections, n. 0063/CFA-2022-2023, issued on January 20, 2023 and registered in January 30, 2023, In the context of road 15097/233pf21-22/GC/GR/blp and n. 0077 / CFA / 2022-2023, against former head coach Fabio Parachi and others, after annulment was made pursuant to Section 63 CGS Figc, which declared its acceptance of gravity to Champions Thus, he abolished his rule n. 0089/CFA/2021-2022 dated May 27, 2022, and therefore, in denying incidental claims, I partially accepted complaint from to delegate Federal Federalism v. Resolution n. 0128/TFN/2021-2022 – Disciplinary Section – Resolution April 22, 2022 It is partially imposed here against the appellant JuventusPunishment penalty 15 points in order to be deducted in the current sports season.