March 24, 2023

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Varese will host the European Schools of Science Symposium

From March 26 to 29, Varese will become the “capital” of science in European schools. The capital city was chosen as the host city Science Symposium (ESSS), the scientific event whose first edition dates back 12 years and aims to stimulate and develop interest in science, and to give young people an opportunity to compete with individual or group projects, To access and expand their scientific capabilities.

The European School in Varese has already been selected as a host venue in 2014. The 2023 edition is organized in collaboration with the School of Europe in Parma, in partnership with EPO (European Patent Office) and JRC/CCR (Centro Comune di Research) in Ispra and sponsored by the Municipality of Varese.

Sunday March 26th at 17.30 in the Palazzo Estense in Varese, the opening ceremony will begin the scientific event, Where participants from all 27 European and accredited schools will come together. The activities will take place in Ispra within the JRC Centre.

All participating European schools follow the same procedure: students, individually or collectively, develop an original research idea and carry out the necessary practical and investigative experiments, collecting and analyzing data, under the guidance of their teachers. Then a scientific report is prepared and submitted to the jury of the organizing school for the preliminary judgment.
The groups with the most promising projects are to present their work through PowerPoint in front of a large audience. All projects, major and junior, are displayed in a poster gallery. The contestants explain their work to the expert judges, and 5 finalists are selected for each category, who present their project again in front of all the judges and all the participants. During preparation and competition, students are supported by dedicated teachers. Prizes are awarded for the best projects. Senior group winners will go on to represent European schools in the European Union Competition for Young Scientists (EUCYS).

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More information and details about the symposium are available on the ESSS website: