Whatsapp Trick To Write On Banned Accounts | 100% working

Whatsapp Trick To Write On Banned Accounts |  100% working

We should always be kind and dear to everyone around us. But sometimes it’s not that simpleAnd we find ourselves arguing, Without the possibility of explaining our reasons. Perhaps, once the anger subsides, we would like to write a letter to a friend, girlfriend, relative, or acquaintance, apologizing for our behavior to try to fix it and forget it. And sometimes good intentions are enough to solve everything, but how do you do that if you can’t even interact with the person you want to make peace with?

Being so interconnected is certainly a great achievement for the times we live in but at the same time, For some it can be considered a severe irritant. The fact that everyone is, in one way or another, minding our own business can give some people a bad feeling that they have no control over their privacy.

However, each messaging service has functions that allow you to avoid unwanted incursions. on whatsapp, One of the largest and most important instant messaging services in the world, For example, it is possible to block certain contacts to prevent them from contacting us. You might be Solve A bit extreme but sometimes it’s necessary.

Block users on WhatsApp

However, what is a minor quarrel, which can be resolved in a few words, can be used as The reason for blocking a particular contact.

Blocking a contact on WhatsApp is as simple as it is brutal. Once locked, The user will no longer be able to contact us Through the popular green messaging service and you will have to quit or find other ways to communicate with us.

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How to block a WhatsApp account

The procedure to follow is this:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • If you haven’t installed WhatsApp yet, you can do so from the PlayStore or App Store
  • Make sure you update the app to the latest version so you don’t have any issues
  • Touch the three dots on the top left. Doing so will open a drop-down menu
  • Select the item “Settings”
  • A new menu will open where you have to select the “Privacy” item
  • In the new list, find and tap Blocked Contacts
  • If you’ve never blocked anyone, the page will be blank and at that point you’ll have to click “Add”
  • At this point, all you have to do is simply search among your contacts for the person or people you want to block and WhatsApp will add them to the list.

Users blocked by you will not be able to contact you or view your profile picture.

How to write to users who have blocked us

Bans can be frustrating Because it completely prevents us from explaining our reasons to the person and from calmly resolving the conflict.

For this exact reason, Below we will explain the procedure that allows you to write to a user that we have previously blocked. We do not guarantee that the user will take this step well, but in the event that you want to do everything, This is the right way.

We want to reassure you: You will not need to download any external services-No third party apps. what You will need the complicity of a friend that you and the person who blocked you have in common. You will need to contact this third person, He asks her to create a group on WhatsApp.

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at that point, The third partner would have to leave the group leaving de facto a group with only two people inside, Prohibited and prohibited. You will then be able to exchange messages with that person And whatever the siege entails, as if by magic, will disappear. You can exchange text messages, photos, videos, documents and more And maybe try to make peace.

but beware, If the person who blocked you leaves the group, you will return to the starting point You will no longer be able to exchange messages. Our advice is to be good to never give anyone an excuse to block you!

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