WhatsApp takes up a lot of space and blocks your smartphone – the fact that few know

WhatsApp takes up a lot of space and blocks your smartphone – the fact that few know

To find out how much space WhatsApp takes up on your device, you just need to follow a few simple instructions.

Not many know that it is possible to know how much space WhatsApp occupies on your device. By doing so, you can choose to delete some items to free up storage space.

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Do I need to download a special app to see how much space WhatsApp takes? What are the steps to follow to free up space on your smartphone?

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How much space does WhatsApp take up: the answer you don’t expect

WhatsApp is an instant messaging chat that allows you to send messages, photos, videos, and audio in real time.

Precisely because thanks to this chat it is possible to exchange various multimedia contents, it is not surprising to find out WhatsApp takes up a lot of space on our devices.

To understand the amount of space, just look at the storage space by going to the chat settings.

In practice, you need to open the application and click on the three dots at the top right and then on the item Settings. Here the user finds the section space and data. After that, he will have to click Space management.

At this point, the space used by WhatsApp media on the respective device appears at the top of the screen. On this occasion, it is also possible to check the space occupied by applications and other elements.

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To free up storage space, you need to delete some items. In particular, it is worth abandoning items that are larger in size or that have been forwarded several times. In either case, the user can Also delete specific items in chats.

In this case, you need to go to Settings > Space and data > Space management > Sent multiple times, more than 5MB.

Otherwise, it is possible to select specific conversations from which some items can be deleted.

When carrying out this operation, a function that allows you to sort chats may come in handy Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Oldest.

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