Condo fees on the rise? So you really save!

Condo fees on the rise?  So you really save!

The energy crisis is hitting hard in every sector. ANACI, the Italian National Association of Condominium Managers, has issued a worrying alert: condominium expenditures are rising, with a percentage increase, compared to last year, which could reach 40%. Therefore, running for cover is key. But what are the rules to follow? Let’s find out which are the most reliable.

Distribution of building expenses

The rules that can make us Save on apartment fees Constantly growing, it can be a lot but there are a few things you really need to take care of. In fact, the majority of the payments we would be subject to if we lived in a condominium depended on these. Let’s find out more closely and we will realize that we can reach it Save about 50% of the total price increase.

The first step, without a doubt, is that DrSave in admin. Although this number is mandatory if there are more than 8 owners in the building, it does not mean that it cannot be Choose the professional who offers the most competitive rates for the same services. Go ahead, then, to search the web where you can find various offers! In the event that there is peace among all the condominiums, it is also possible to choose one as administrator: the savings, in this case, will be more noticeable.

One of the more expensive services are those connected to the Internet. So why not Choose ADSL Shared? Emptying the entire building with a shared Wi-Fi connection will allow an extension saving about 40%. Even for expenses, ordinary and extraordinary, co-operation is necessary. For cleaning services in particular, it is advisable to rotate between all which provides for the cleaning of the premises by one of the owners in turn.

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We remind you that extraordinary maintenance is important: it is better to spend a little less each year than to let the building fall into disrepair and suddenly find yourself with huge expenses. Get rid of the old kettle, in favor of condensation and more efficient. enough to go forward, On the basis of Article 1120 of the Civil Code the majority of housing units. Clean the radiators Save 30% during Choose insulating doors and frames A cut of 20% is allowed.

until the Condominium current account, which are required by law, can be selected and managed so as not to have a significant impact on housing unit expenditures. Many institutions offer banking, especially via the Internet Almost zero running costs Thus it must be evaluated very carefully.

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