Chromium is at risk of bugs | Update now or the consequences will be dire

Chromium is at risk of bugs |  Update now or the consequences will be dire

Google released a new last-minute update for its Chrome browser. This update on the go fixes a serious flaw related to zero day, the eighth to be exact. The update is intended for the desktop version of the software, and it fixes a GPU-related issue.

The system flaw was discovered last November 22, so a little over a week ago, by the group that analyzes digital threats referring to the system operated by Google. This vulnerability is particularly serious, so the update was released in a timely manner.

What is the disadvantage of the system?

This vulnerability has been addressed with some urgency by Google Team. Called CVE-2022-4135, it consists of a buffer overflow in GPUs. What does this mean in essence?

Because of this defect, It is possible to write in areas of memory where one would normally not be able to. For this reason, this writing has not been verified, and thus a malicious person can attack the system digitally, introducing malware and other viruses that aim to harm the user.

especially, You can overwrite the application’s memoryTo modify the execution path, thus opening unrestricted access to the user’s personal information, as well as making it possible to execute arbitrary code. If you think that practically any app requires access to your sensitive data, then this is a serious danger for all Chrome PC users.

Google is looking for cover

So Big G called on all users to update Google Chrome immediately. Which version you need to install 107.0.5304.121/122, as far as users with the Windows operating system are concerned. However, those using Mac and Linux will have to download the version 107.0.5304.122. These two updates contain all the fixes to resolve the detected system glitch.

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Updating Chrome is very simple, you just need to go to the browser settings and select the wording About Chrome. This way, the update will be downloaded automatically. Once downloaded, just restart Google Chrome and the bug will be fixed.

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