WhatsApp, delete them all completely: risk a lot!

WhatsApp, delete them all completely: risk a lot!

A new terrible danger arises on WhatsApp that may involve you personally: what is happening on the platform.

A new terrible danger for all WhatsApp users, who are now risking losing their personal files. In fact, a new scam is on the knees of millions of accounts. Let’s see what it is and how to defend yourself.

A new serious scam appears on the app (via screenshot)

On The WhatsApp The dangers to users do not end. In fact, we often encounter it inside the application Fraudulent cookies, ready to steal personal data and contacts. Oftentimes, for this very reason, some of them are easily published on the app fake news, without anyone verifying the source. Now users have to defend themselves against a new scam that may lead to money being stolen from your bank account. With this new deception, I cyber criminals They will create An account with your profile picture.

At this point, they will start blackmailing other users by claiming that they also stole all the contacts in the address book. Then also these hackers will ask you for one small amount of money To restore your profile. Those, in fact, would directly order one Recharge your Postepay, before disappearing from the application by closing the account or blocking the fraudulent user. We invite everyone to pay attention to these messages, as they are increasingly prevalent within the application.

WhatsApp How to transfer chats to Telegram, the most used method

Whatsapp Telegram
The trick that allows you to move chats (via a screenshot)

WhatsApp and Telegram are two of the most used messaging apps in the world. In fact, on the one hand, we find the popular service of Menlo Parks From more than 2 billion active users, on the other hand, we find the most secure messaging app on the market. Oftentimes, someone decides to pass WhatsApp cable, But at the same time he does not want to miss the chats on the service Half. So let’s see how it will be possible to transfer it to the Pavel Durov application.

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Let’s start with Android. In fact, to transfer chats from one application to another on green bot operating systems, you will have to follow these steps. Enter the application and from the main screen select the conversation you want to transfer. Then you will need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner to access the menu The WhatsApp and select the item “Other”, followed by “Export chatsFinally, it will be necessary to make a choice cable And that’s it. In fact, after that you will just have to go to Telegram and click Did not matter.

While instead on devices iOS, The procedure is similar and only changes one step. You will then need to open a file The WhatsApp Enter the conversation you want to transfer, click on the name at the top, and then go to the item exports. Then the rest of the procedure is the same that we have seen on Android smartphones.

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