Starfield, online story ends Have PlayStation fans declared war on the game?

Starfield, online story ends Have PlayStation fans declared war on the game?

With revisions codes distributed for starfield The inevitable event: the date Someone stole it and started circulating it online. Obviously, there are those who have decided to declare war on the game Bethesda, declaring that they are fans of PlayStation. So it’s a good idea to pay special attention to it progressor spoilers, if you prefer, especially snaps in order to spoil the party for others.

The war against Starfield

Is there a war against Starfield by PlayStation users?

notice comes from Starfield official subredditwhere user MosquitoSmasher also reported the title of the first to start the story, XboxTears360, who also threatened to create more than 1,000 fake accounts on Metacritic to bomb the game. Bad ratings (Which also makes us understand the benefit of user reviews on Metacritic.)

Many in this post fear that a whole one has been staged war Against Bethesda, driven by PlayStation fans (XboxTears360 advertises itself as a “PlayStation Ambassador” on their X profile), even if it now appears to be the work of some individuals, who seem frustrated at not being able to play Starfield.

What can I say, let’s hope there is no escalation in the next few days. However, it must be remembered that Starfield is definitely not the first game whose online story has ended ahead of its time. For example, the same thing happened with Final Fantasy 16, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and God of War Ragnarok, to name a few recent titles.

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