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Sony Interactive Entertainment has made the files available Del 2021 summary. This function, similar to the one offered by other companies, allows you to see some of your stats for 2021 in Play Station.

PlayStation 2021 Summary – Available at this title – It allows you to view statistics such as:

  • Number of matches played in the year
  • The number of trophies earned is also divided by level
  • Total playing time on PS4 and PS5
  • The game we devoted ourselves to the most
  • Statistics about different PlayStation games played by the community
  • …and so on

Anyone who logs into PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up will be able to Download four avatars that can be used on both PS4 and PS5. The images depict a Destruction AllStars pilot inside the Triangle symbol, a Question inside the Cross key, the protagonist Returnal in the Circle and Sam from Death Stranding in the Square key.

Example of PlayStation Wrap Up

The PlayStation 2021 summary is a great way to get your picture back in 2021 and get an accurate idea of ​​how much time and energy we’ve put into our passion.

As mentioned, others have also offered a similar system, such as the Nintendo “2021 Revision”.

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