WhatsApp, an absolute novelty of sound: what will change soon

A cool novelty landing on the web version of WhatsApp. There will now be an exclusive audio version: all the details.

There is another news coming for WhatsApp which has decided to update its web version with an exclusive function. Soon it will reach all those who connect from the computer. Let’s see what the changes are.

What will change soon within the app (via screenshot)

In these months The WhatsApp It is gradually improving the quality of the user experience for its messaging app. In fact, several in-app updates have arrived and the latest one is related to the web version. In fact, they will soon be able to come to the desktop Pause and resume recording voice messages later. The job is already available to all those who participated in WhatsApp beta through an iOS device.

Instead, there are no details regarding the release of Android. The usual portal took care of providing these indicators WABetaInfo, which, as always, was the first to indicate the function’s arrival. So for all subscribers of the Beta program, they will already have a preview function. In fact, the real news is Access to the possibility of resuming the conversation later. Then a key will be presented allowing you to pause recording. Let’s go and see the latest post that arrived on the app.

WhatsApp, not just paused audio: a post coming from Telegram

The WhatsApp
The great news in instant messaging (via screenshot)

For WhatsApp, the novelty is not only the ability to pause the sound. In fact, the application decided once again to revise the audio section. However, grandmother seems to have been shamelessly copied cable. So let’s see how users will be able to view and listen to the vowels soon.

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Those who use voice messages are well aware that they can only be heard in the chat they belong to, or at least all of this is valid today. In fact, things will change soon. Application developers are now ready to point to a file multitasking.

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So soon users will be able to Listen to chat audios also by viewing the message service menu, or engage in another conversation. The Gate took care of spoiling everything WABetaInfo. So let’s go see the characteristics of the upcoming novelty.

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