What remains at the end is chilling (video)

What remains at the end is chilling (video)

A very bad adventure for the owner of a Ferrari that caught fire. Here’s what’s left of the fireball.

Remember the period when the first electric cars appeared They started arriving In Italy, right? During that particular time period, the false myth spread that these vehicles burned out more frequently – and for no real reason – than cars powered by gasoline or diesel engines. A rumor was later denied that, yes, electric cars lead to fires that are more difficult to put out than traditional fires. But even gasoline-powered cars often catch fire after an accident, as today’s story reminds us.

A Ferrari caught fire in a terrible way – Flop Gear.it

Surely you see a car on fire even without that Nobody got hurt It’s not a pleasant thing to do, but if it’s an expensive supercar and it catches fire, it’s an even more terrifying sight to see, especially for a customer who just bought the car or an enthusiast who would never want to see something similar. .

This time, a Ferrari was involved in a similar accident. The car and what was left of it caught fire when firefighters finally put out the fire after many efforts and many liters of water and foam. Luxury car. Watch what happens when a car catches fire like this.

The Ferrari caught fire

Ferrari FF It is a very special car made by the Maranello brand: it is in fact a four-seater supercar, equipped with a powerful V12 engine with 660 hp but above all, it is declared in the years of production – from 2011 to 2016 – as a Ferrari capable of Move on any type of terrain thanks to the innovative four-wheel drive system.

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The Ferrari caught fire
What remains of the Ferrari after the horrific fire (Instagram) – Flopgear.it

This is it What’s left of the fireball €264,334 after an accidental fire that occurred when the car, which an individual had rented to a customer, suddenly caught fire, possibly due to a fault or a component that had not been replaced. The car was involved in a hellish fire, and is now completely unrecognizable.

Thanks for the amount Reimbursed by insurance The owner took the car to JR Garage, a company that restores heavily damaged cars. Meanwhile, on Instagram, someone is making fun of the disaster: “Toasted Ferrari” Someone writes under pictures posted on the Internet after the disaster. Yes, the most expensive barbecue ever seen on earth.

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