What is the cheapest time to run the washing machine?

What is the cheapest time to run the washing machine?

In the context of Wednesday, April 10, 2024the Electricity prices In Spain, large variations will be seen, reflecting moments of high demand and periods of time when the cost per kilowatt drops to zero, and is even recorded in negative numbers. This phenomenon, far from being wrong, is a feature of the energy market that signals periods of low demand or high renewable energy production, making the price of a kilowatt free. We'll detail these changes below, providing a guide to better understand how electricity prices fluctuate and how they can impact our daily lives.

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The cheapest electricity rates and prices today, Wednesday, April 10

During this day, the cheapest hours for electricity consumption were recorded mainly during the morning and midday. especially, Hours when the light was on cost 0 euros she At 10:00 and 20:00. Even more interesting is the phenomenon of negative prices passing between… At 11:00 and 18:00with a minimum value -0.03 euros During the hours from 12 to 14 and from 16 to 18. This pattern indicates that renewable energy generation, especially solar energy, exceeds demand, allowing consumers to benefit from very low or even zero prices.

The most expensive electricity rates and prices today, Wednesday, April 10

On the other hand, the most expensive hours are concentrated in the morning and night, being… At 8:00 and 22:00 More expensive, with prices 35 euros and 34.45 euros respectively. This increase reflects the increasing demand for electricity for daily activities and the decrease in renewable energy production during these hours. Understanding these patterns is essential to better manage energy consumption and take advantage of low-rate times.

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What is the best time to run the washing machine today, Wednesday, April 10?

Based on the data provided, The best times to run the washing machine It will be the one where the price per kilowatt is 0 euros or negative. This translates into hours 10:00 and 20:00especially between At 11:00 and 19:00Where the cost is negative. These time periods represent the ideal time to perform high-energy-consuming activities, while taking advantage of free energy.

Light rate: Hourly on Wednesday, April 10

  • One hour: €4.21/MW/hour
  • 2 hours: €3.25/MWh
  • 3 hours: 1 EUR/MWh
  • 4 hours: €0.44/MWh
  • 5 hours: €0.35/MWh
  • 6 hours: 1 EUR/MWh
  • 7 hours: €2.17/MWh
  • 8 hours: 35 euros/MWh (More expensive)
  • 9 hours: €7.68/MWh
  • 10 hours: 0 EUR/MWh
  • 11 hours: -0.01 €/MWh
  • 12 hours: -0.03 €/MWh
  • 13 hours: -0.03 €/MWh
  • 14 hours: -0.03 €/MWh
  • 15 hours: -0.03 €/MWh
  • 16 hours: -0.03 €/MWh
  • 17 hours: -0.03 €/MWh
  • 18 hours: -0.03 €/MWh (cheaper)
  • 19 hours: -0.01 €/MWh
  • 20 hours: 0 EUR/MWh
  • 21 hours: 6 euros/MWh
  • 22 hours: €34.45/MWh
  • 23 hours: €5/MWh
  • 24 hours: €3.25/MWh

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