New costs in the invoice after the price increase

New costs in the invoice after the price increase

With the onset of winter, various devices will be used more frequently. Let’s think, for example, of phone To dry hair with electric heaters or heaters to warm rooms. This year, compared to previous years, the consumption of these devices should be monitored more carefully.

In fact, withIncreasing billing costs From gas and electricity there is a danger that the average average consumption of a family will be greatly exceeded. The implications of the bill, even taking into account the trimming of the increases decided by the government, will not be small. It has been calculated that you will spend on average 630 EUR Plus for electricity and up to €1.130 for gas.

The cost problem can be contained in the invoice, often with a higher cost upstream, but it has significant advantages in the long run. We are talking, for example, about clean energy, such as those produced by solar panels. Another way to save Invest in home appliances Of the new production, which belongs to the categories above b. So let’s see how much household appliances are depreciated, what costs are expected in the bill and how to reduce depreciation.

How much do household appliances consume in each bill?

In general, to answer the question about the consumption of the device, one must know the quality of this and service type Provided by your distributor, eg if it is divided into consumption ranges (day/night). The average value will be used here.

Let’s start with fixed devices, that is, those that are not turned off or that are used at least daily. This category includes the refrigerator, for example. The refrigerator on your bill can, on average, have a fixed cost of 3,8 euros per month, about one TV 2 euro And your computer is average 3 euro Per month. Comparing prices for the previous year with those expected for the months of October-November, we found increases of more than 2 euros. But these are not the devices to “worry” about.

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How much will home appliances affect the bill as costs increase?

Let’s try to understand which devices are most consuming and which ones will result in a file noticeable increase in the invoice. Among them, it is unavoidable to include, even with non-daily use, household appliances for cleaning, such as a dishwasher, iron, washing machine, dryer and vacuum cleaner.

This category of household appliances falls into the average cost area and the data indicates its use in the summer season. Compared to the months from July to September, the cost of such devices in the bill will increase by:

  • + 2.7 euros, equivalent to 7 euros per month for a dishwasher;
  • +4.4 €, equivalent to 12.3 € per month for iron;
  • +1 euros, equivalent to 2.9 euros per month for a washing machine;
  • + 2.9 euros, equivalent to 8 euros per month for the dryer;
  • +0.2 €, on about 0.7 € per month for a vacuum cleaner.

On the basis of these two categories of household appliances only, the average cost in the bill will increase by one A total of about 40 euros.

Heating costs are high

The last category of household appliances to consider, and especially this one to consider, is those related to heating devices environment or water. We are talking about air conditioning, electric heater, heater and the like.

In this case, the average cost in height is much higher and special attention should be paid to its use electrical heater, which in many Italian families is the only source of heat in the absence of radiators.

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These cold months will bring an increase in your bill equal to +23.6 EUR Compared to last year for the electric stove, the equivalent of about 66 euros per month, and more than 100 euros on a bimonthly bill.

How do you save on your bill?

Breaking your bill budget is very easy now. However, there are some trivial measures to reduce damage and others more demanding, which can be very satisfying in the long run when you pay the bill.

Let’s start with the simplest and most used daily tricks, like Turn off the lights and electrical appliances when not in use, lower the temperature When washing dirty clothes and Avoid the turbo function When using a vacuum cleaner.

It can be more big investment instead change devices With the latest or higher power class version orbuy solar thermal panels NS Solar Panels.

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