What is Discord, the platform for gamers to steal classified Pentagon documents

For many, he will say little or nothing, but for those under 40, sedition is a kind of revolution. The platform made headlines for publishing classified documents and reports from the Pentagon about the conflict in Ukraine and highly sensitive analyzes of US allies. But what is sedition? It was born in 2015 as a chat for gamers, and we can define it as an enhanced chata real contact center that allows you to exchange text messages, calls, video calls, send files of all kinds, but above all createserver“The heart of the system.

The world in one room

Discord does not have a common bulletin board or “wall” like many other platforms but it is divided into this series of Rooms that group users by interests, like Facebook groups. It can be public, private or semi-public, so to speak. public servers can be accessed for free, To access private sites, you need a special link, often shared very sparingly, as in an exclusive club. Those that can be defined as semi-public, on the other hand, are accessible thanks to a hierarchical system: many servers accept new members only if they bring with them a certain number of new users. Doing so is easy: just share a personal invite link on the web, and hopefully others will request access to the room. They, in turn, will only be accepted if their link is used by others. And so on and so on.

From Pandemic to Midjourney

Designed for real-time communication between gamers, to talk while playing, Discord It experienced exponential growth thanks to the pandemic. In 2019 it had “only” 56 million users but by the end of 2021 it had already grown up to 150 millionwith a valuation of $14.7 billion. However, part of the recent success is Because of the connection with Midjourney. The AI ​​that creates photorealistic images from simple text descriptions (we explain them well here), the tool by which “portraits” of the Pope with the white quilt or the suspended Trump are created, allows access only to those with an account on Discord.

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Freedom of action

Another point in its favor is that it guarantees a certain freedom of action. Content moderation is very light and mostly absent as are the many court cases involving Discord. The most famous of them, without a doubt Over 18 years old Who killed ten people at a Buffalo supermarket in May: Before the attack, he posted several racist messages and his plan for action right on the platform. The company claims that 15% of its 900 employees are dedicated to moderating posted content And using automated tools but still seems like a huge job. It is not easy to monitor 150 million users, and therefore, often times, control is delegated to the creators of each server who decide whether or not to accept what they want.

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