“What he posted” – Libero Quotidiano

“What he posted” – Libero Quotidiano

“There are people who sacrifice themselves and sacrifice their nights to take newspapers in short, this is the case of Stefano Lorenzito”: Alessandro Ciani opened a service stripping news Dedicated to a critical newspaper error directed by Maurizio Molinari. The host of satirical news channel Canale 5 talks about one “Little pearl Introduction by Lorenzetto “:” This is Republic On October 7, the article was titled “The Democratic Party is Looking for a Mission” by Carlo Galli. While another article titled “The only cure for the Democratic Party is to learn the opposition,” by Carlo Galli, appeared on Republic On October 15, “The two articles were then compared.

where is the problem? Siani always explains it in the report: “The good Stefano Lorenzito yells scandalous by saying that the two articles are The same is identical. for this reason Dagosbya Entitled “From Republic to Republic”. section The comedian went on to say he was going to read both articles, only to discover that journalist Galley “put a lot of creativity into making them different.”

Striscia la Notizia service on the fault of the Republic

It was only possible to make small changes, in one case, for example, the word “hence” was replaced by “hence” ». What will director Emilio Fedi say? ‘ said Siani, anticipating the now well-known passage in which the overseas journalist said: “What a Mer** character.”

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