‘Not available until 2024’ is the never-fail ingredient in the fridge: Endless queues at checkout counters

‘Not available until 2024’ is the never-fail ingredient in the fridge: Endless queues at checkout counters

In addition to seed oil and sparkling water, another ingredient may begin to run out in the pantry. Let’s see what it is.

The component of the refrigerator will disappear – Nanopress.it

The much-loved ingredient is at risk of demise due to climate change.

Another item will disappear

This time it is not about the war in Ukraine or price hikes, as it was for seed oil and sparkling water respectively. This time around, a much-loved ingredient could disappear due to climate change.

It is a very expensive ingredient, especially for the French. According to statistics, in fact, in a month, each citizen consumes about a kilo. But prices would have gone up 14% in a few months.

what is he talking about? subordinate mustard Which is running out in supermarkets. So much so that some food chains have decided to limit their purchase. However, it is feared that this component will completely disappear by 2024. This was also confirmed by Luc Vandermaissen, Director of Reine de Dijon and President of the Moutarde de Bourgogne Association. How could such a thing happen?

Because mustard is in danger of disappearing

The whole of Europe may have trouble in the coming months to find even one can of mustard. The first reason for the deficiency of mustard seeds is the lack of supply of mustard seeds. 80% of the 35,000 tons coming to Europe come from Canada. This French-speaking country has faced difficulties since 2021. The difficulties are related to fierce drought causing the weakening of mustard seed crops.

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missing ingredient
The missing component – nanopress.it

For this reason, Canada has put aside the cultivation of this ingredient to switch to the more fruitful and paying wheat. As a result, the production of mustard seeds decreased by 50%. Figures issued by the Ministry of Agriculture indicate that production did not exceed 50,000 tons.

Things are starting to get worse The war in Ukraine Banning the import of mustard seeds. Imports from Russia have also been stopped.

To overcome this obstacle, France must begin by relaunching its supply chain, which has recently been hampered by French legislation on pesticides. Developing climate- and insect-resistant seeds in the land of France can be very complicated.

On the contrary, the head of the Burgundy Mustard Seed Producers Association is quite optimistic. In fact, in his idea there will be an ambitious project: triple decks dedicated to seeds mustard in burgundy. The goal is to reach 10,000 hectares, which is equivalent to 1% of the arable land in that area.

Missing ingredient mustard
The missing component of mustard – nanopress.it

However, for 2022 these crops will not be enough, and the Anglo-English giant Unilever has expressed itself on this issue. The first French mustard producer claimed that:

“Total burgundy seed crops alone are not sufficient to cover the entire production of Amora-Maille”.

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