Scotland road trip: Here are the stops you can make in 10 days starting in Edinburgh

Scotland road trip: Here are the stops you can make in 10 days starting in Edinburgh

If you’re organizing a road trip among Scotland’s green hills and majestic castles, you’re in the right place: here you’ll find a 10-day itinerary, starting in Edinburgh!

there Scotland It is a magical land, made up of green hills, fairytale castles and a rich history made up of traditions and legends, which is why every year it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

Scotland road trip –

If you are also ready toAn unforgettable adventure on the road Through the Scottish landscape and its historic places, take pen and paper: here’s your itinerary 10 stages for each daywith Departure from Edinburgh!

Scotland on the road: 10 stops over 10 days

Days 1-2: Edinburgh. Your adventure begins here, in the picturesque Scottish capital, where you can explore the majesty fortstroll along Royal Mile Immerse yourself in its history and culture and enjoy your time in its typical restaurants.

Here are the stops you can do in 10 days starting in Edinburgh
Here are the stops to do in 10 days starting in Edinburgh –

Day 3: Scone Palace, Culloden Battlefield, Inverness and Loch Ness. The third day will take you to Scone PalaceThe historic residence of the Kings of Scotland. After that, you will head to Culloden Battlefield: This is where the historic and bloody defeat for Scottish independence occurred. In the evening, you will arrive in Inverness, but be careful: you may encounter the legendary The Loch Ness Monster!

Day 4: Inverness, Dunrobin Castle and Tongue. Spend the day advertising InvernessAnd quietly explore the city and its surroundings. In the afternoon, you can head out The majestic Dunrobin Castle, one of the most magnificent houses in Scotland. The day will end at TongueA true hidden gem, a small coastal village full of stunning scenery.

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Day 5: Tongue, Durness and Highland Games, Ullapool. The fifth day will be dedicated to San E Durnesswhere among other things, if you are lucky, you can see the legendary ones Heights games, a series of activities and disciplines from ancient Celtic and Scottish traditions, truly folkloric! Once this is done, you can then proceed towards UllapoolA picturesque fishing village, waiting to be discovered.

From Eilean Donan Castle to Rosslyn Chapel: the journey continues

Day 6: Ullapool, Eilean Donan Castle, Isle of Skye, Portree. Stage six will take you through Ullapool, up to Eilean Donan CastleAn unmissable treasure: located on the island of the same name, it was built by Alexander II, King of Scotland, in the first half of the twelfth century to defend the island from attacks by the fearsome Vikings. Then you can continue to the magician Isle of Skye Then stop in Portree.

10 days across Scotland
The magnificent Eilean Donan Castle –

Day 7: Portree, Dunvegan Castle, Struan. Dedicate the seventh day to exploration PortraitWith its famous colorful houses; Harry Potter fans will be curious to know that, in the book, this vibrant town is home to the first professional Quidditch team! Next, pay a suggestive visit Dunvegan Castle And stop at You will seeTo enjoy its unpolluted nature.

Day 8: Strone, Glenfinnan, Fort William. Day 8 will take you via Struan and Glenfinnan, where you can admire its majestic and majestic bridge. Will end today on Fort WilliamIt is a city surrounded by magnificent mountains.

Day 9: Fort William, Tarbet. Your road holiday has reached its penultimate day: explore Fort William and its attractions first and foremost Ben NevisThe highest mountain in Scotland. In the evening, head towards… TarbetIt is a charming village located on the banks of Loch Lomond.

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Day 10: Tarbet to Stirling, Stirling, Rosslyn Chapel. And here we are now in the final stage of our journey: we have arrived SterlingYou can visit its majestic and famous castle Rosslyn Chapelalso known as St. Matthew’s Church, is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious and mysterious places in Scotland: this too, You will not be disappointed with this beauty.

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