What are the best smartphones under 200 euros? A short guide and some memories

What are the best smartphones under 200 euros?  A short guide and some memories

Some say the Nokia 3310 somehow reinvented the way phones were thought. It is definitely among the most popular and loved tech gadgets ever. We’re talking about a device that has sold around 130 million units worldwide from 1999 to today and which has led the experts of Ebuyer, the UK’s largest independent electronics retailer, to recalculate the price today, discounting it respectfully. For inflation: at the time it hit the market it cost the equivalent of $160, and at the end of 2020 it was more than double ($350). Is the “low-cost” mobile phone par excellence disappearing? Not even for a dream.

The original Nokia 3310 phone used and in good condition can be found on the Internet at a price of 30-70 euros, while the “twin” model launched in 2017 is still on the list price at 59.99 euros. For the cost of a good dinner, you can then take home a “remake” that follows the original silhouette but improves battery life and ergonomics (more space between keys to avoid typos when sending messages), and revisit colors (blue and anthracite added to the two colors) classic red and yellow) and a customizable interface makes a bridge between nostalgic past (see game “The Snake”) and modernity made up of social sharing (possible with the 3310 3G model, available online in refurbished product circles) and photos to be taken with the 2 MP rear camera.

If the Nokia 3310 marked a milestone in the transformation of the mobile phone from a premium product into a major technological object, the world of feature phones and cell phones costing less than 200 euros is diverse and densely populated. In addition to being strategically important to producers’ economies of scale.

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The queen of the smartphone market, Samsung, presents in its catalog a large battery of low-cost models and among them the Galaxy M12, a terminal at a price of less than 180 euros with some declared advantages: a 6.5-inch screen in 20: 9, a special octa-core processor and a 5000 mAh battery. In short, a smartphone for enjoying TV series, video games and photos (thanks to the quad rear camera with a 48MP main sensor) that promises performance for those who are not looking for special effects.

By spending the same amount more or less and taking advantage of the various promotions available online, you can get one of the best sellers in the under 200 category, which is the Redmi Note 11.

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