Scienza decides the friendly match in Vinovo

Scienza decides the friendly match in Vinovo

there Spring of Juveat this station for CitizensHe took to the field today in Vinovo for a test friendly against peers of the same age Nice – good. The Bianconeri team, led by Paolo Montero, won 1-0 thanks to a goal Sciences.

In fact, Juventus’ goal was immediate, in the first minute: Juventus came out with good offensive pressure. Mazur He steals the ball into the opponent’s area and expands it Turkish language On the right, whose cross found Scienza ready for a header at the near post. Nice entered Vinovo determined to make the most of the match and experience, and in the 33rd minute they came close to equalizing with a header from a corner kick. Nahono: the ball to the side. The first half was devoid of emotions, and two shocks, one for each side, arrived in the final minutes. In the 41st minute, Turku steals the ball and sends Siri a touch for the onrushing player big Who opens the board from the edge of the area, but shoots high. The French responded in the 46th minute with a shot from the crossbar, which was blocked by Rousseau following a corner kick.

In the second half, Nice started under pressure: in the fourth half, he made a great save Fuscaldo With a header from a corner kick, after the half-hour mark (more precisely, in one minute, from 33 to 34 minutes) Traoré tried with a diagonal shot to the near post and Wattel with a low shot from the edge. either way Zhelezny Turning a corner. Juve can close the score at 39, with what is their best chance in the second half: big He steals the ball from Youssef and flies towards goalkeeper Nesswa, who blocks the shot.

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