Well, you can book a vacation in the US now for the price of a weekend away from home

Well, you can book a vacation in the US now for the price of a weekend away from home

Visiting the United States is, for many of us, a dream in the stairs. Great roads to travel by car, valleys, cities full of life and different from each other then natural parks and cultural attractions.

The United States has charmed us to make us fall in love with its beauty with cinema, novels, and television, and so today traveling along the East Coast, or traversing the whole country, and going to see San Francisco or New York, is highly desirable.

What is less well known, however, is that a visit to the United States can be made by spending surprisingly little. In fact, sometimes even very little. In fact, there is a huge difference in price between the Big Apple, for example, and New Orleans.

Well, the solution to visiting the United States by spending only a few euros a day exists, and it starts from looking for a discount flight, or even a low cost (did you know that there are flights with bargain prices between Europe and the USA?).

After doing that, all that remains is to note what the cheapest destinations are. And to do that, a recent economic research came to our aid, which highlighted the 5 cheapest destinations across the United States. And they are beautiful.

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The cheapest city is the legendary New Orleans, Louisiana: a vibrant nightlife, the home of jazz in the world and one of the most beautiful cities in all of North America.

In second place we find Daytona Beach, Florida, and then Austin, Texas. Texas is desirable and loved more and more. Not only by tourists, but also by Americans themselves, who move there from other states – such as California – en masse. In fourth place instead of Salt Lake City. In Utah, and in the fifth is Philadelphia, a wonderful and vibrant young city, a few kilometers from New York.

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