March 23, 2023

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Weather report. USA, floods in Virginia and Tennessee. Evacuations and missing persons «3B Meteo

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United States of America. Floods in Virginia

At night between Tuesday and Wednesday, part of the eastern states of the United States suffered a torrential spell of bad weather, with torrential rain, thunderstorms and countless inconveniences. They were at the expense of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. In Buchanan County, Virginia, rain gauges were collected within hours up to 150 mm of rain, With inevitable consequences. Initially, 44 people were reported missing, although the number decreased partially over the hours and fortunately no casualties were reported.

However, the bad weather caused several landslides and floods Entire homes damaged or even moved by the rush of water, About a hundred, according to local sources. There were also difficulties with road connections, due to landslides that obstructed roads and even Some bridges have collapsed. There were also many power outages. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin declared a state of emergency so that he could more easily help Buchanan County residents.

Bad weather hit too Tennessee, which mainly includes the camp site, Greenbrier Campground. In the surrounding areas, the waterways have been flooded and some have seen their level rise Up to two meters in a few hours, while the pluviometric backlogs quickly reached 70/80mm. The authorities had to intervene by evacuating all the people in the camp.

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