The United States and Asians are critical to the vote

56% of Asian Americans have a favorable opinion of Joe Biden
56% of Asian Americans have a favorable opinion of Joe Biden

It is the fastest growing population of all ethnic groups in the United States. His vote could be decisive in the November 8 midterm elections. The Asian American population has increased by 81% in nearly 20 years: from 10.5 million in 2000 to a record 19 million in 2019. Although the Asian population shows a diversity of political preferences, less than half of the Asian American electorate They revealed their connection by one of the main parties. A little attention that could turn out to be wrong.

The Asian-American vote, a term coined by political activists in the 1960s as an alternative to Orientalism, which has been attributed to a colonial connotation, could have important consequences for the midterm elections, when American voters vote to renew the House of Representatives. Representatives and a third of the Senate.

In the international press, the consultations are seen as a kind of referendum between the current president, Democrat Joe Biden, and the former head of the White House, Republican Donald Trump. Biden sees it differently: “They are a choice in the direction of the country, not a referendum.”

Americans will be asked to speak out in an economic and geopolitical context marked by inflation and the war in Ukraine.

According to a New York Times and Siena College poll, 49% of voters would choose a Republican representative in one of the two chambers versus 45% who said they would vote for a Democrat. Ancestry (partial) includes Asian Americans.

“Social and demographic characteristics of the Asian American community partly explain its political bias,” Sumit Ganguly, professor of political science at Indiana University, explained. “I know a large number of very rich American Indians who want to protect their class interests and therefore vote Republican.”

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According to Pew Research Center, a Washington-based study center, Asian populations in Indiana, Nevada, and North Carolina have experienced significant growth in 20 years, with increases of 183%, 176%, and 175%, respectively. Recent polls indicate that other Asian Americans have emerged as the new Democratic electorate, with 56% having a favorable opinion of Biden’s actions. However, of the 20 Asian Americans currently in Congress, only 3 are Democrats, compared to 17 Republicans.

“Whether you’re talking about Asian Americans, African Americans, or Latinos, this has always been of interest to political scientists,” said Stephen Webster, another academic at Indiana University. “As Asian Americans continue to grow in terms of the size of the total American population, I think we will likely see more research in this specific area,” Webster added, while the expected outcome of the election could go either way: differences. The ethnicities of the large Asian American population can be very important.”

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