Weapons, a jump in sales in 2021. Leonardo rose to 12th place in the world ranking

Weapons, a jump in sales in 2021. Leonardo rose to 12th place in the world ranking

On the other hand, Airbus fell to 15th place with sales of 10.85 billion (-15%). Sipri considers its survey into arms sales and military services. The latter include technical services, such as information technology; maintenance, repair and operational support; Services related to the work of the armed forces, such as intelligence, training, logistics management and armed security in conflict areas.

Leonardo climbs positions

Leonardo It has climbed positions in the global ranking of arms sales compiled by the independent Swedish institute Sipri. According to data compiled by Sipri from open sources, the Italian group generated sales of approximately 13.9 billion in 2021, an increase of 18% over the previous year, reaching 12th place in the global top 100 ranking (14th in 2020). From USA Locked Martin.

Leonardo’s weapon sales, according to the Institute’s calculations, account for 83% of all revenues. Global arms sales rose last year, despite supply chain difficulties, by 1.9% to $592 billion, a smaller increase than before the pandemic.

It also appears in the ranking of the world’s top 100 manufacturers fincantieri Ranked 46th (48th in 2020) with an increase in sales of 5.9% to $2.98 billion (36% of total revenue).

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last February, Sibri notes, added new challenges to the supply chain for the sector’s companies, because Russia is also a major supplier of raw materials used in weapons production. This could hinder ongoing efforts in the United States and Europe to bolster their militaries and replenish stocks after billions of dollars’ worth of munitions and other equipment were shipped to Ukraine.

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