The new chapter of “Clipping” features videos with Itzipa, producers L’upuntvuit and DJ Trapella

The new chapter of “Clipping” features videos with Itzipa, producers L’upuntvuit and DJ Trapella
Today, Thursday, December 21, at 11 pm, the channel broadcasts 33 new episodes of the program Shot, which offers a wide range of high-quality clips illustrating the current state of music and audiovisual creativity. Audiovisual production company L’upuntvuit, the duo Itziba Maresmenca DJ Trapella will be three of the heroes of this week’s music program.

In the “Clip Maker” section, audiovisual production company L’upuntvuit will talk about its creations, including video clips from… Cala Vento, In Ludwig’s band, Pau Brugada I Dora Manjra, among other things. The “Clip of the Week” space, which highlights a video submitted by the same group or performer, will feature the duo ItzibaWhich features the music video for the song “Foguera” directed by Xumari Roca.

And finally, DJ Trabella, disc jockey and host of his own show on iCat, He is the informative voice of the section “El clipping de…” who this week chose his favorite video clip: “La confraria del menhir” by the singer.he Pony jumping, directed by Adria Gonzalez. In the “refrigerator” space, a video clip ofOpening step From 2011, “La vida sen tu”, from the group’s last album courage (Propaganda pel Fet!, 2011) and directed by Josip Petrac.

And in this fourth episode of Season 2, you’ll also be able to watch clips of “Falla!” to cactus And “under the teeth.” Clara Bea I Leo Rizziin addition to other clips from artists such as Julia Bloom, Kaym Ripa, Sue, Goss D and Willelo, Vitara and Tricycle, Download Sanco, OS Pro, Laura West and PangroI Paul Bordas and Narcissus Mas.

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“The Scrap” comes to the network this Christmas

From December 27, Shot It also reaches local TVs and consoles Network+. Until January 5, the first 7 episodes of Season 2 will be broadcast (every weekday, excluding holidays). Among the champions of the different seasons will be invited artists such as Pony jumping, Genesta s Maria Hein; Film directors such as Eva Roussel, Claudia del Barrio and Marc Cucurella, and media figures such as Alba Riera, Andrew Juanola or Neus Roussel.

Shot They can be watched on different local TV stations: Canal Terrassa TV – Ràdio Municipal Terrassa, Empordà TV, El 9 TV, TAC 12, Canal Taronja Anoia, TV L’Hospitalet, Televisió del Ripollès, Pirineus TV, Nord TV, TV El Vendrell – Radio El Vendrell, Sabadell TV – Vallès, Canal Taronja Central, Canal Blau – Canal Blau FM, VAT – Video Ascó Television, Olot Television, TV Cardedeu – Ràdio Cardedeu, Canal Reus TV, Cugat Media, TV Vandellòs, ETV,
Terramar Garraf-Penedes, Terramar Tarragona, Banyoles TV, TV La Selva, Canal TE (Terres de l’Ebre), VOTV – Vallès Oriental TV and Canal 21 Ebre – 21 Radio.

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