The Ukrainian-Russian War, Di Maio: “More and more sanctions until Putin stops”

The Ukrainian-Russian War, Di Maio: “More and more sanctions until Putin stops”

Russia’s war against Ukraine’ is Putin’s war for the Russian government. We will continue to weaken him with more sanctions until he stops, until we reduce the money he needs to fund this war.” This was stated by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio speaking in ‘Che tempo che fa’ on Ray Tree.

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negotiated Di Maio said: “There are negotiations underway to reach a peace agreement” in Ukraine “, but before reaching it we must work on local humanitarian truces on the ground – as Di Maio said – and tomorrow Italy, in the EU Council of Foreign Ministers, will request the creation of a permanent table With the Red Cross and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the conditions for the establishment of local truces also take the model of Sumy or Mariupol, where thousands of people were transported and humanitarian assistance was provided.” He stressed that “we must succeed in this project because we do not have time to wait for peace agreements.” , and “Priority should be given to areas where there are orphanages. From there we must begin within the framework of an EU initiative that can succeed.”

“Tomorrow morning I will hear from my Turkish colleague Mevlut Cavusoglu. Turkey has a big role in achieving this peace agreement” between Russia and Ukraine, the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry said. “With Cavusoglu we are in constant coordination to advance the peace process.”

Zelensky – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who will speak in Parliament on March 22 “will be welcomed with open arms by our democratic institutions,” said President Farnesina. “I was in Kyiv a week before the Russian attack, I met many Ukrainian citizens who viewed the European Union as their dream for the future – added Di Maio – these people are indeed European people with the ambition to join our European family. We must not deny this hope, they have All right, and that scares Putin because these people look at our free and democratic model where propaganda can never take root.”

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Italians in Ukraine – “There are now 276” Italians in Ukraine and “we are following up on cases that ask us for help – the Foreign Minister said – we are working hard on evacuations” and “from 400 in a week we went to 276, the majority of them announced that they wanted to stay in Ukraine. But things It changes from hour to hour.

Visit Biden – “The presence of the President of the United States in Europe aims above all to confirm once again the principle of the unity of NATO, the European Union and all our allies in the world,” said Di Maio. He stressed that this is another mistake of Putin’s assessment, namely, the ability to divide us. Instead it is no longer an East-West conflict” and “What we reaffirm with President Biden is that we are united, we condemn this war and we are on the side of the Ukrainian people invaded by a Russian army that is paying the price of lives.”

threaten Russia As for Russia’s threats against Italy, they are daily provocations that every country that stands on the side of peace and the Ukrainian people receives from Russia. We do not notice this anymore, and we cannot consider these provocations to be sincere,” said the Foreign Minister, who then expressed his solidarity with Minister Guerini. “Unfortunately, we are in good company,” Di Maio added, recalling Russian threats “against Germany, France, Malta and all countries that strongly condemn Putin for what he is doing.”

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Arrests in Russia – Di Maio said that in Russia there are “more than 15,000 arrests” of anti-war demonstrators, because “the Russian people do not support the invasion of Ukraine.” “Through his propaganda and the arrests of protesters against him, Putin continues to hide the truth,” “in Russia there is no access to reliable information. Despite this there are thousands of protesters in the square “against the war.” This shows that the Russian people are not the ones who support the invasion of Ukraine. It is Putin’s government, the Russian government.”

Energy On the energy front, “All the countries I visited in the past three weeks agreed to increase the energy partnership with Italy, which will allow us to deal with any critical issues arising from Russian blackmail by winter.” The Minister of Foreign Affairs referred to “Qatar, Algeria, Angola, Congo and yesterday Mozambique.” “There is always an alternative to democratic forces like Italy. We never depend on one country and thanks to our history we can always build alternative methods for any blackmail,” he added.

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