ERC and Junts take PSC to avoid repeat election

After the amnesty was approved and in the midst of the European campaign, talks began on… Configure the table and the ultimate investment Engines are heating up, and although negotiations have not officially begun, both sides say, strategies and terms are being worked out.

The three conditions of the ERC for socialists

Republicans pose Three conditions On the first table, the Peace and Security Council should also bear the cost of repression and go to Geneva to negotiate, whether it is Salvador Illa or one of the negotiators appointed by the socialists.

“I think it is good that they bear part of the cost of this political repression. And that they bear it by coming to Geneva.”

Secretary General of Esquerra Marta RoviraIn addition, put Financing is a sine qua non To reach an agreement. The ultimate goal of the Republicans was always the referendum, as Oriol Junqueras stated immediately after the amnesty vote. But now they understand that what is acceptable to socialists is Unique financing The proposal helps them level the ground.

“The ERC is very clear, and everyone knows where the ERC is. Therefore, we will not contribute our votes to continuing this bottleneck, not getting the citizens of Catalonia to vote and thus have more democracy, and not protecting the Catalans. It is we who know exactly where we are and, therefore, must “Everyone who comes forward can make suggestions in this regard.”

The Republicans’ third condition targets not only the Peace and Security Council, but also the Giants. They demand one Change the narrative to the left If they want to regain trust. They ask the PSC to stop repeating that ten years have been wasted, and together to abandon the rhetoric that the European Reconciliation Council negotiated for nothing.

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From the left these are the conditions Avoid electoral redundancy. Assuming the poor results of the Party of 12 Million, and in the midst of an internal renewal of the leadership, Rovira says that the party with 20 deputies can exercise a position of strength, and that he is not afraid to risk running in the elections again if blocked.

Together, the SWP reminds us of the Brussels Convention

Tony Comyn insists In addition to the majority supporting independence To invest Puigdemont from Salvador Illa. The Junts+ candidate in the European elections referred to the inauguration convention of Pedro Sánchez:

“We understand that what the PSOE must do if it wants the Brussels Agreement to flourish is to facilitate the inauguration of Puigdemont. The Brussels Agreement stipulates that the stability of Spain’s legislature is conditional on compliance with the Agreement…”

However, Republicans remember that for this to happen, it has to happen The pro-independence majority is at the table. At the moment, the only proposal that might come close to it is that of the CUP, which puts on the table the proposal of the anti-repression majority, considering that there are still deputies in exile like Puigdemont himself in the chamber. Luis Puig and Robin Wagensberg.

Junts candidate for the European elections, Tony Comyn, at a recent press conference (EFE)

This equation would It’s the House of Commons’ turn It will be necessary to see whether Jessica Albiach’s supporters are willing to allow discussion of Puigdemont’s inauguration, even if the vote fails.

Illa does not want “privileges” for Catalonia or the referendum

Salvador Illa does not want a rerun of the electionsBut he is also very clear about his red lines in the negotiations.

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The socialist candidate pledged to negotiate this matter Better financing for Catalonia“Fair” financing, he always says. It is one of the pillars of ILA, which confirms that it will be achieved within four years, more than what independence has achieved in recent years. Of course always Within meetings with other autonomous regions.

First Secretary of the Commission for Peace and Security, Salvador Illa, at an event from Manresa (ACN/Albert Hernández)

Salvador Ella I don’t want the Basque partyNor the private financing model; He says he does not want “concessions” for Catalonia.

Regarding the referendum, the Socialist candidate indicated that his position is a “resounding no.” Ella argued so “Partition” query. What worries people is not the referendum, but issues such as education or health care.

So I would like to see It is “impossible” to reach an agreement with the ERC If they set the referendum as a prerequisite.

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