Duration, main menu and map leaked from the official artbook – Multiplayer.it

Duration, main menu and map leaked from the official artbook – Multiplayer.it

L’Official art book to Hogwarts Legacy Already in someone’s hands, it is clear that he leaked some images of the book and thus exposed the features of the game such as Main menu, map, duration and characters.

This is a marginal but still interesting detail, considering the high anticipation that characterizes Hogwarts Legacy, which recently confirmed itself as the best-selling PS5 game on Amazon USA and Amazon Italy, as well as being the number one in the Steam rankings.

The images on the pages of the artbook are from the Bigby Twitter account and will likely be removed in the next few hours, so in the meantime you can see them above but they may be gone in no time. Anyway, these are some details that are of interest to those who seek Information on this highly anticipated title, which has so far done a good job of protecting itself from leaks.

Among the various things we can take a look at what appears to be the main menu with the position of the hero in the center and his different characteristics, equipment and things in the guide, we can then see what appears to be the game map, at least as related to part of this, as well as various illustrations that Shows unpublished profiles.

Among these we note the Christmas-style appearance of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, which will thus take on different aspects according to the seasons and in correspondence with particular events and celebrations. Not only that, but information on the duration of the Hogwarts Legacy also emerges from the book, which seems to settle on 35 hours for normal completion And 75 hours to complete the game 100%.

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Always from the same source information appears on a large amount of side missionsabout Merlin’s mysteries and the fact that Quidditch was actually intended in the game at first, only to be removed.

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