Experience the opinions of the Kia EV6 data sheet and the dimensions 77.4 kWh Air RWD

Experience the opinions of the Kia EV6 data sheet and the dimensions 77.4 kWh Air RWD

Shoot well and reload hard

It is 155 cm long (a few for a crossover) and is equipped with a Korean electric fairing Kia EV6 It has a wheelbase (the distance between the centers of the wheels along the side) of at least 290 cm. The result is an extremely spacious interior. The tested version is the least powerful. But the 228-horsepower engine mounted under the trunk (which is also for this reason not so great for the external dimensions) still ensures Live shooting. Which becomes even more so in other versions (4×4 and with at least 325 hp), where a second electric unit drives the front wheels. While driving, you enjoy excellent sound insulation, but the suspension doesn’t always take bumps as well as it should and the steering could be a bit more precise.

there Kia EV6 It’s the manufacturer’s first car to benefit from the E-GMP platform, designed for electric vehicles only, that debuted in the Hyundai Ioniq 5 (the two houses are part of the same lineup). The 77.4 kWh lithium-ion batteries are liquid cooled and weigh 477 kg; As in all electrical appliances, it is underground. Times are very low recharge: from columns a Alternating current And from the wall boxes, the Kia EV6 accepts up to 11 kW And from a fast 240kW direct current: Finding one so powerful, according to the house, you can go from 10 to 80% in about twenty minutes. The Air version of our test was well-equipped, particularly in terms of safety, but only the more expensive versions could have such features as LED matrix headlights and a head-up display. Money well spent on the rich Comfort package, which also includes the V2L (vehicle to load) function, i.e. the vehicle’s ability to give current Using the 220V socket at the base of the sofa or the socket in a special adapter to insert into the external recharging socket (can supply up to 3.7 kW for 15 consecutive hours). In this way, for example, the battery of a bicycle or scooter can be recharged.

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As with all Home Cars there is a seven-year warranty, in the case of electric cars with no mileage limits. Safety is also taken care of: in 2022 Euro NCAP awards an award Kia EV6 5 stars. Numerous electronic aids: blind-spot monitoring and lane centering are standard, which, together with adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function, achieves Level 2 semi-autonomous driving (the maximum permitted by law). There is also automatic braking, even when reversing when leaving a parking space.

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