Maresme families spend half their income on rent.

Maresme families spend half their income on rent.

Rent a house in the area maresme It takes up, on average, half of the household income. This is according to the report on the behaviour of the real estate market in the Maresme area in 2023, prepared by the Local Development Observatory of the Provincial Council.

This analysis shows that Maresmen family units use their income for rent in a fork of between 38.51%, recorded in Oreosand 77.81% Saint Vincent de Montalt.

However, the regional body points out that in St. Vicenza, as well as in horses, Saint Andrew of Lavanieres I Saint Isle of VallettaThe proportions may be distorted. This is due to the coexistence of large towers and apartments or flats and the size of the contracts concluded for each type.

However, excluding these municipalities, the regional average income allocated to rent is around 50%. In municipalities this percentage exceedsAlila, Caldis Distrac, Calella, Doserys, Made, Mataro, The vehicle, Premium Mar, Saint Cypria of Valalta, Santa Susanna I Vilassar de Mar.but against, Oreos I Tordera These are the municipalities where the rent-to-income ratio is lower: 38.51% and 41.01% respectively.

The average rent is 833 euros.

On the other hand, the average rental price for the entire region was 833.45 euros per month. This represents, according to the regional authority, an increase of 7.25% compared to the previous year.

Tiana It is the municipality with the highest price per square metre in Maresme (5,042.12 euros per square metre). However, Tordera It is the city where the square meter is cheapest on average (€1,401.54/m²). The Regional Council also points out that in Tordera, as Calella, Cane de Mar, solid pillars, Dalt price, Premium Mar I Saint Paul de Mar Used square meter is more expensive than new.

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Among the municipalities of Marsa with a population of more than 5,000 inhabitants Vilassar de Mar On average, a built-up square metre is more expensive (€3,888.9/m2). It is also more expensive compared to second-hand housing (€3,690.88/m2).

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