The presidential couple who defied time and disease –

The presidential couple who defied time and disease –

Seventy-seven years together, sitting side by side. Jamie and Eleanor Rosalynn Carter With the White House, together as Habitat for Humanity volunteers, we are committed to alleviating past suffering on Earth. Together, they will never be together, even now that they have so little time. A marriage destined to end, like everything human and subject to the passage of time, and that The longest serving couple in the history of the US presidency He lives with one last sweet act. Resist time and disease, overcome time and disease.

Jimmy Carter, 98, is terminally ill. He has been on palliative care for six months. In February, he decided to leave the clinic that was hosting him and “spend the remaining time with his family.” Rosalyn suffers from dementia. He’s 96 (the veteran of diplomacy, Henry Kissinger, whom Carter knows well, turned 100 on May 27).

Jamie and Rosalynn are fragile people, and in their fragility, in their fragility, they have defied all expectations and so far defeated them. Several political figures have, in recent months, canceled their commitments to attend Carter’s funeral, which was thought to be imminent.

Through an influential article, the Washington Post rebuild Carter daysat their home in Georgia.

Jimmy is the first to get out of bed. Every morning he waits patiently in his chair in another room for Rosalyn to wake up. Jill Stuckey, a friend of the Carter family, says the first thing his wife does when she wakes up is him He leans over and kisses Jimmy..

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the Fourth of July, American Independence DayLike two lovers who met recently, like any couple who don’t want to miss the family party, they were accompanied by the Secret Service car to watch the fireworks.

Jimmy continues to follow the political news, and he has not lost sight of the news about the case of Trump, who is involved in the fourth indictment: Georgia prosecutors want a trial Attempts by the former Republican president to modify the results of the 2020 presidential elections in his favour.

Democrat Carter, Baptist Deacon, was President (the thirty-ninth elected in US history) between 1977 and 1981, Defeat Republican Gerald Ford He was in turn beaten by Ronald Reagan four years later. But Jimmy wasn’t a great political champ: A man from the South, from 1962 had to take care of the family farm – the peanut farm – after his father died.

When he was elected America wondered jimmy is? (Jimmy who?). His greatest success was the peace agreements reached at Camp David In 1978 between Egyptian President Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Begin. Disastrous management hostages in Iran During the Khomeinist revolution and in part Afghanistan, after the country was invaded by the Soviet Union.

Rosalynn moves in with less trouble than Jimmy, in a wheelchair instead. Jimmy, who is determined by family friends Still awake and sharpHe never loses his sense of humor and often laughs at the fact that the previous boss stage is considered more successful than the boss stage.

He enjoys listening to audio books and joking with his wife in her moments of serenity. Some say Rosalyn still laughs a lot when telling a good joke. Her habit of finishing her husband’s sentences when the latter recalled past events, especially those related to his White House days, was well known.

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Until the last deterioration, Jimmy Carter did not give up his daily swimming.

The final stage of Carter’s life It continues slowly and is full of loveLike summer in Georgia.

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