“They are just deceiving.” And they are sending new weapons for the Ukrainian counterattack – Corriere.it

“They are just deceiving.”  And they are sending new weapons for the Ukrainian counterattack – Corriere.it

In Washington, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken He introduced himself in front of reporters, while face to face between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping: “The world should not be fooled by Russia and China’s move.”.

The message is clear. For the Biden administration, today’s, Monday, March 20, talks between Xi and Putin are just one A ploy to hide the true state of things. On the other hand, the Russian president has no intention of stopping the aggression. On the other hand, the Chinese leader is trying to hide his great support for the Russians with an implausible peace plan.

already this morning, John KirbyA spokesman for the National Security Council, he was very clear in a CNN interview: “We We will not accept the ceasefire proposal presented at this time. I don’t think Kiev will be like that. To stop now would mean to endorse the seizure of Russian-controlled Ukrainian lands. In addition to Putin will have time to re-equip his army and resume the attack at a time and place of his choosing.”

What is the role of China? US intelligence believes that Beijing is already selling Russian drones for civilian use, guns, bulletproof vests and other equipment adaptable to the needs of the war. But US intelligence doubts that The Chinese are studying the covers to upgrade the delivered weapons.

First Kirby and then Blinken again warned Xi Jinping: “It is not in his interest to arm Putin.” Hence, a media counterattack is now underway to eliminate any hopes or “illusions”, according to the Americans, that this summit could open a window for negotiations. Blinken not only ruled out this possibility, but put it forward on two fronts. First, he submitted a report prepared by the State Department on “war crimes committed by the Russians.” then Relaunched the American military commitment, announcing the dispatch of the “34th package of weapons and equipment” to the Ukrainian army. in detail: Ammo For Himars and Huritzer missile batteries, Bradley armored vehicles, anti-tank sites and more. Value: $350 million Which is in addition to the more than 30 billion already allocated since the beginning of the war.

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also The European Union is following in the footsteps of the Americans. Also today, the EU foreign ministers gave the go-ahead for Zelensky to deliver ammunition worth 2 billion euros. Half of the amount will be used to compensate governments already drawing from their arsenals, up to 90% of the spending; The remainder will be used to order other 155 mm rounds for artillery. The agreement will be ratified by the Heads of State and Government of the European Council on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 March.

The time factor is still crucial. European analysts estimate that the Russians are capable of firing between 20,000 and 50,000 cannon rounds per day. The Ukrainians responded with 4-7 thousand explosions. Kiev asked the Europeans to put them in a position to reach 12,000. The Union is preparing to do this, with a decision that naturally has important political value. Like the Americans, so are the European leaders Ready to support the Ukrainian resistance and a possible counterattack.

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