American scientists warn the world. Let’s see what can happen

American scientists warn the world.  Let’s see what can happen

There is a risk of a new pandemic

the American scientists Warn the world again. There is dangerbetween 20 and 40%, for a new percentage Corona virus pandemic
Occur by 2025. This is the content of a study conducted by some American scientists prepared in view of declaring the end of the epidemic.

The report, revealed by The Washington Post, could have been given to the White House, which has not confirmed receipt of the document however. the Dangeraccording to scholars, It is the emergence of a new type of virus other than OmicronBiologist Trevor Bedford, of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, who conducted a statistical analysis that was delivered to Casa Banca, found out about the odds of a new wave of coronavirus cases. “The possibility of this happening, i.e. encountering a wave of infection like the one caused by the Omicron variant between now and 2025, The scientist told the Washington PostAnd They are about 40%.” I don’t understand why such an event is less likely today than it was in the first two years of the pandemic, Even if the epidemic seems to be over todayEndemic Covid remains a major health concern.

to support the same theoryas mentioned before SkyTG 24They are also other high-profile scientists such as Eric Topol, Director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, who announced the discovery of possible ‘cryptogenic’ variants, that is, still unidentified, but unrelated to Omicron that had already been observed in the US. , in wastewater. The Washington Post asked himThe White House has yet to confirm receipt of the report.
“The administration is in talks with a wide range of experts, on various topics, both inside and outside government.”said a spokesperson in an email.

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