Vlahovic, Serbia and Milan – Juventus: Dusan’s decision

Vlahovic, Serbia and Milan – Juventus: Dusan’s decision

A tournament break for national teams always provides the opportunity to reorganize thoughts and manage previously accumulated physical problems. This is also the case with Juventuswhich he had to give up In the derby, he won against Torino Both a Dusan Vlahovic Both a Federico ChiesaThey both suffer from injury. However, the circumstances of the two strikers at Juventus, in relation to the declines of their national teams, are different. In the background there is the big match against Milan On October 22nd.

Vlahovic, medical report and waiting

Vlahovic will not start with Serbia for the Euro 2024 qualifier matches against Bulgaria and Montenegro, thus choosing the more conservative route by staying in Complete And continue to work with Juventus doctors and coaches. Number 9 suffers from a back problem that forced him to start on the bench in the Lecce match and forced him to miss the first leg in Bergamo. As we mentioned, The last match against Torino. Therefore, Juventus agreed on a plan with Vlahovic and sent a report on his condition to the Serbian medical staff.

The note from Serbia

Dusan Vlahovic will not be available for coach Dragan Stojkovic For the upcoming European Championship qualifying matches against Hungary and Montenegro due to the problems resulting from the injury and its consequences lower back pain“, writes the official X account of the Serbian national team.

We’ve forgotten who Dusan Vlahovic is (but Inter…)

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