Vip Crypto Scam in Northern Rome, “Hu Coin Wizards ‘All Money’ Disappeared”

Vip Crypto Scam in Northern Rome, “Hu Coin Wizards ‘All Money’ Disappeared”

A new suspected scam raises the nights and livers of an army of investors who, instead of entrusting their savings to licensed credit channels, have become embroiled in a pyramid of chain investments, focusing on deposits Cryptocurrency This promise of a “safe” return if not great. in circles north of rome, which has already been shaken by the case of the broker Massimo Bocchio, who died two weeks ago in mysterious circumstances and was accused of fraud by showing fake documents to dozens of clients who lost millionaire investments, and now we are not talking about anything else. This time, a virtual wallet ended up under accusation to deposit some Coins calls he is That gives the right to get membership within the system.

Massimo Bosicchio, also TV presenter Mario Mattioli in his network: “350 thousand euros went”


In practice, however, it would be an investment that risks following the pattern devised by Charles Ponzi, the notorious scammer of the 1920s, who was also used by Bernie Madoff, the American banker convicted of one of the biggest financial frauds of all time. time. The deal was proposed to the potential investor, and it promised high returns in a short time. Funds are raised and new entrants look for other investors as in a chain. With new followers coming in with their money, old followers are paid (in part) to prove that the investment is paying off. But the gains are just beginning and when the influx of new investors stops or the person in charge of the system decides not to feed it anymore, the money disappears, the scheme jumps and everyone (or almost) ends up on the sidewalk.

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Until a few weeks ago, the Telegram channel was working with investors, which today appears to be closed, leaving subscribers without other reference points. To shiver, now, there are mainly professionals and businessmen between the ages of 40 and 50 in Rome, well recruited between a Padel match and happy hour. All of them are convinced that they have become part of a system intended for the lucky few and exclusive, advertised using attractive platforms. Re-launched in tam tam with videos that remember the metaverse as if they were actually real for certain earnings.

In recent days, many have hurried to lawyers or accountants for advice on how to behave, but there are those who only caught up with a few friends and because of a certain embarrassment. “Fear – as a tributary of Prati explains – is not only the fear of losing one’s savings, but also the fear of being caught up in criminal penalties because, at the same time as an investor, one passes to suggesting others take advantage of his money, exposed to an abusive practice of money management, In fact, you need authorizations or registration in the registry of financial advisors. This is why many are also afraid to report that they have been scammed. Not to mention – he adds – the earthquake this case has caused among those who persuaded family, girlfriends and friends to join the circle. “The system starts from afar.” , his roots go back to China. But a Romanian “colonel”, as they call him in jargon, would have put the system in the circle of professionals and businessmen looking to diversify their investments. And who knows, someone, even to make money that the tax officer doesn’t know.

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“It all started a little for fun and a bit to differentiate investments, especially when the markets started showing skepticism with Covid. At first there was a hyper comeback, a friend assured me, then now, silence. Many of us are no longer getting news and not getting liquidated. Before closing the Telegram channel, the administrators, having said that there were problems with the program, admitted that the creators had been missing for months, “and captured one of the” followers “. There are those who bought cryptocurrencies for five thousand twenty thousand and fifty thousand euros. But in word of mouth driven by ambiguous videos, aimed at increasing curiosity and self-esteem, there are also those who have invested up to half a million euros. “There is a risk that this is a revival of the Ponzi scheme,” warns Ivano Giacomelli, secretary of CODAT, the Center for Civil Rights, on its website. The already-watched movie is repeated, on the one hand there is a promise of a very useful investment and on the other hand there are savers who are not able to get back what they paid. It is all filled with captivating promises and great terms, however, there seems to be very little behind it. I urge you to pay close attention, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Nobody is giving up on anything let alone when it comes to investments.”

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