Giorgetti: Regarding public finances, I am not afraid of the Commission, but of the markets. With the rate hike we have 14-15 billion less

Giorgetti: Regarding public finances, I am not afraid of the Commission, but of the markets.  With the rate hike we have 14-15 billion less

Budget Law: It is the decisive moment

“This is a decisive moment. The newspapers are full of hypotheses related to the maneuver.” This was stated by the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, speaking at the event “Good Laws”. Simplify to restart Italy. “The historic crossroads is what we discussed in the last Ecofin report and it is the new economic governance that must translate into a new budget system.”

Simplification does not mean lack of scrutiny

“Simplifying does not mean not being in control, becoming superficial, but rather it means avoiding repeating the same procedure,” said the Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Bechetto, in his speech during the event organized by the Minister of Institutional Reforms and Streamlining of Regulation Maria. Elisabetta Alberti Casellati. Bechetto stressed “the need for an intervention that affects the Environment Law of 2006”, recalling among other things that the current society “has a greater speed than it did 20 years ago”.

At the end of the market valuation is protected these days

«We are currently assessing the end of the electricity and gas market protected on January 10: because the liberalization measure was born six years ago in a completely different context with energy prices set in stone. Today we have ten million families on the domestic front, half of whom will go to the automatic free market and the other half from vulnerable groups. The assessment to be made is: but is this really in the interest? Will this actually lead to lower prices or will it hurt? “We are doing that,” Minister Pichito said. “This – he added – is also a path approved by Benner, but with caution; “I think we’ll have to think separately about the two groups, which is what I’m doing as a Massey, and evaluate whether it’s January 10, 2024 or even a few days later.”

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Zangrillo: Commitment to introducing meritocracy into PA

The renewal of public administration must also go through meritocracy, “it is unreasonable that we cannot introduce meritocracy into public administration.” This was said by Paolo Zangrillo, Minister of Public Administration, explaining that his commitment is to introduce a merit mechanism “even in contracts that allow the creation of a path through which the capable are rewarded.” According to Zangrillo, “All of this goes through the correct definition of the profile of the public administration manager who is also a human capital manager.” The minister says that he found highly qualified people in the Palestinian Authority, “but this is not enough because in order for the public administration to grow, we also need managers who deal with human capital and are able to identify the best and develop it.” Another sensitive issue to which he pointed his finger was the issue of training, which he described as a “strategic element for success,” stressing that “it is unacceptable for a public employee to receive only 3 hours of training per year.”

Casellati: To simplify, we are also piloting AI in PA

“Through simplification, it will be possible to provide clear answers to our country, and each ministry will adjust itself to the times. We are checking the contribution of artificial intelligence to regulations, and we are carrying out experiments to see if this accelerates the possibility of establishing procedures,” said the Minister of Institutional Reforms and Regulatory Simplification, Maria Elisabetta. Alberti Casellati, on the sidelines of the conference:

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