For Abbet, the United States is the “new frontier.”

For Abett, the United States is

BR The company Abet laminati – whose historical headquarters occupies the large warehouses in Viale Industria, in the Pescorone region – concluded a few days ago the acquisition of Fiberesin Inc, the leading American company in the design, production and sale of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) ventilated facades.

Martina Sartor, Corporate Marketing, commented: “Fiberesin Inc is a well-known fact in North America, with a consolidated business presence and a wealth of professional knowledge and skills that have matured over time. The acquisition of the American company includes two production sites in Wisconsin and an extensive nationwide distribution network of more than 100 employees.” He concludes: “With this ambitious project, Abet Spa aims to consolidate and expand its presence on American soil, but also aims to project the group towards the future with greater enthusiasm and determination, always maintaining its international vision.”

Bruno Mazzola, President of Abet

Vision was also confirmed by another recent collaboration, which brought segments of the company headed by Bruno Mazzola to New York, which today has nearly 800 employees: one with Qc for brothers Andrea and Saverio Quadrio Curzio, owners of the group that includes spas, spas, spas and hotels. The Italian group actually redeveloped a former military complex a few steps from Manhattan, which includes a large green area with nearly 4,000 hectares of parkland and some Victorian buildings, turning it into a temple of luxury with a view of the skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty. The company Abet laminati was called to participate in the creation of this oasis of beauty and peace a stone’s throw from the city center: all the lockers in the changing rooms are made of laminate and have been enriched with a special white and white trim. Gray created in digital print by Abet exclusively for Qc terme.

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Recently, to overcome the extreme difficulty of finding raw materials, the company’s engineering group was able to isolate the molecules from which the resin is generated, and reinvent itself as one of the main products of processing, which today takes place over three shifts. out of seven.

Walter Manzon

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