Juventus gets rid of Di Maria: a surprising exchange in January

Juventus gets rid of Di Maria: a surprising exchange in January

So far, the Argentine winger’s balance with the Juventus shirt has been negative

The angel played a total of 219 minutes Maria This is the beginning of the season among all competitions with a jersey Juventus. Apart from super debuting with Sassuolo Stylized with purpose and help, “Fideo” still shows a few of its qualities.

Angel Di Maria © La Presse

After sustaining an injury on the first day of the tournament that kept him out of action for two weeks, the Argentine was no longer able to find his best condition, dropping back for a few days at the same adductor injury and then coming back for the last. match against Monza He becomes the protagonist of a gesture that, in addition to the red card corrected after 40 minutes, will also cost him a two-day disqualification.

Not the best start, in short, after last summer’s tug of war before accepting the rich annual offer of Juventus. Maria In fact, he has been meditating for several weeks at Juve’s proposal, waiting to receive a signal that has never arrived before. Barcelona , The first club in his list in order of popularity. But from Spain, they confirmed in the past few hours that the Blaugrana themselves could fight for the Argentine shortly thereafter.

Juventus transfer market, Barcelona returns to Di Maria: Depay’s idea

Juventus transfer market, Barcelona returns to Di Maria: Depay's idea
Memphis Depay © La Presse

Despite the initial goal of the Gospel Maria It was to close the season in Juventus Then he returns to Argentina and wears his colors Rosario Central, As reported by “Joule Digital”, the possible attack from Barcelona Looking into next summer, he can convince “Fideo” to extend his adventure in Europe for another year.

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By virtue of the deadline in June 2023, however, the former psg He might even consider ending his experience in Juventus And incubate a project Barcelona. In this case, Juventus may again request information about an old target under the leadership of the Catalan team: Memphis Depay.

The Dutchman will also end his contract in June and is not very happy with his current situation in the Blaugrana shirt. If things Debye in order to Maria It shouldn’t get better, it might seem like a winter window trade is the right solution for both clubs.

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