Vasco Rossi wishes you a Happy New Year in place of Tiziano Ferro

Vasco Rossi wishes you a Happy New Year in place of Tiziano Ferro

“I wish you a 2023 feeling protected. And happy. I love you: Happy New Year. For a level playing field this time, Margarita in the picture.” Here is the very cute message, accompanied by a photo of father and daughter embracing, that should have been posted on Tiziano Ferro’s social bulletin board, but ended up by mistake on Vasco.

The post, which was immediately removed, was posted on the right profile and after a few hours the most rocky Vasco greetings also arrived. A video of him on stage, captioned, “First Sunday of 2023!! You better smile, take it easy!!”.

Dad’s first Christmas

Tiziano Ferro wanted to restore balance in the family by posting a snapshot with his daughter Margherita, after the Christmas post with Andreas: “I hope someone knows how to love you and knows how to protect you as you deserve. This is my wish. Happy holidays my friends …”. The image of the little boy sleeping in his father’s arms has been full of likes and letters of affection from many colleagues and friends. “Happy birthday to you 4 loves,” Laura Pausini wrote. And Sofia Richie added to us: “How much beauty, tenderness and sweetness … in your words. A balm for the soul! Best wishes!”.

Annoyed by her treasures

Since Tiziano Ferro and her husband, Victor Allen, became parents to Margherita and AndrĂ©s, in February 2022, the singer-songwriter has not shared photos of the children, but in recent months has begun to post glimpses of everyday life as a father. A few weeks ago, in fact, he released a funny video “annoyed” by his daughter Margarita, trying to do a video interview while the little girl constantly interrupts him. “I’m trying to videotape the interviews, but she has to say to her!!! My little star!” Ferro wrote. Only the little girl’s hand was shown touching his face.

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