Vall d'Hebron offers comprehensive consultation for different types of cancer

Vall d'Hebron offers comprehensive consultation for different types of cancer

(ACN/Redacció) Vall d'Hebron Hospital has expanded the comprehensive consultation that treats elderly cancer patients from… Colon cancers I rightl Urinary bladder I prostatel lung I like Lymphomas I honey. It is an extension of the program launched in 2021, which was focused solely on… breast cancer Which they have already gone through 332 women.

Space to explain what matters to them

By expanding to more types of cancer, the hospital aims to address this problemIncreasing cases in the elderly, And do it with your needs in mind A state of fragility and anxiety. “A lot of times the patient needs space Explain what worries youHe explained that his wife might be in worse condition or that his dog would be left alone during treatment carolina martinez, Oncology nurse.

Increased incidence of cancer in the elderly

The expansion of this consultation, made up of oncologists, hematologists and geriatricians, aims to answer these questions.Increased incidence of cancer in elderly patients. In fact, in 2021 alone, the hospital discovered 203 new diagnoses of colorectal cancer, 156 of lung cancer, 22 of myeloma, and 25 of lymphoma in patients over the age of 70. “This program has been an unmet need for many years,” said Mercier Gironella, associate physician at the Vall d'Hebron Hematology Service.

The programme, which has already been applied to some patients, begins with geriatric assessment from where “All areas of the person” are evaluated, Whether it's psychological, cognitive, or emotional,” Martinez explained. From there, A Individual plan From here, it is determined whether the patient can tolerate the standard treatment or whether it needs to be modified. “The overall goal is to maintain their quality of life, listen to the patient and find out what they want and need, and give them a voice,” the nurse added.

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“Bringing fragility closer to reality”

In this sense, Gironella also noted that the treatment of cancerous blood diseases “has improved a lot,” but there are still many toxic side effects. “With this programme, we are bringing fragility closer to reality, and We adapt the dosage and type of treatmentHe confirmed.

Martinez expressed himself in the same context, explaining that there are cases in which patients are physically healthy, but, for example, they live alone and will not be able to afford treatment “without someone who makes food for them or provides them with support.” “This is one of the points of adapting the treatment, and we have to do everything on our part,” he explained.

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