Useful science on how to focus on cognitive intelligence – Chronicle

Useful science on how to focus on cognitive intelligence – Chronicle

Particularly interesting and educational was the one held last Wednesday at the Piazzetta della Pace del Muncipio, aimed at children, a project created by Heart4Children APS in collaboration with the Lego Group, in order to discover the educational value of the game, for the development of cognitive and emotional intelligence and to enhance potential of every child. Education Adviser Annalisa Clerici thanked the staff of Professor Daniela Lucangli and Sienza Servisefull on the Camino Alberto with Chiara, Paola, Tommaso and Laura, willing, engaging and motivating, able to immediately enter into full empathy with children and allowing them to experiment and “memorize” key concepts with the fun and creativity of play.

Thanks to the many children who participated in the workshop, they put great enthusiasm and also for their parents who trusted in this deep pedagogical method. Finally, a special thanks go to Director Lucia Baracchini, who made these two days so important from an educational and emotional point of view, laying the foundations for a really useful path to follow to give children the opportunity to express their feelings. their abilities and develop their intelligence through playing.

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