Is Belarus really going to attack Ukraine? Stresses, movements and alarms that must not be underestimated –

Is Belarus really going to attack Ukraine?  Stresses, movements and alarms that must not be underestimated –

Military point 332 | The question returns prompted by the sheer volume of words and some of Kyiv’s moves and ultimatums that contradict the wisdom of American intelligence.

belarus, In the endAnd Attacking Ukraine? The question returns motivated large volume of wordsSome movements and give them Warnings from Kyiv contradicted, however, the wisdom of American intelligence.


A senior Russian foreign official, Alexei Polishchuk, stated this Belarusians can participate directly, in case the Ukrainians attacked first, with an invasion. The same if they enter the Russian territory. Therefore, based on these words, Not a preventive measure but a response. In the meantime The two friendly armies continued the exercises It was introduced as an act of deterrence against the opponent while the commander of the ground forces in Moscow, Oleg Salyukov, checked how combat-ready the troops were. Gestures and propaganda to keep the tension high anyway. The dance, accompanied by warnings, was launched by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky himself: A few days ago, he claimed that the resistance Ready to face any threat Although now He only recorded embellished statements.


By contrast The Kremlin was putting a lot of pressure on It is clear that opening a new front, perhaps in conjunction with Possible spring offensive That could create difficulties in Kyiv. In the early days of the crisis The advance from the Belarusian border was supposed to cut off communications and supply routes passing through the north. Then the processes developed in a completely different way. But some observers keep repeating that Each war is made up of stages, it is difficult to make predictionsSo we depend on surveillance by espionage and satellites Collection of electronic traces carried out by NATO aircraft, including a new radar plane just sent to Romania. American sources have it He reiterated that he had not received any signs of imminent interventionthe message repeated for weeks Whenever Belarus enters the stream From international news.

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Then there is attention on Gardservis, a Belarusian private security company created in 2019, the only person authorized to own firearms. It consists of a thousand men, and is paid an excellent salary I collected former members of intelligence, from selected units, from secret services. The personnel, according to media reports, were trained by special forces instructors at the Mariina Gorkha centre. Militia members take courses in sabotage, infiltration, and raids behind the lines. Contacts with are also known Eugene Prigozhin’s Wagner By sharing experiences. The scenario does not exclude the company They can be used in any attack on Ukraine On the side of the Russians. or become an instrument of provocation.

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