USA, DeSantis Takes The Stage: From War to Abortion and Disney, He’s The New Trump Flawless

USA, DeSantis Takes The Stage: From War to Abortion and Disney, He’s The New Trump Flawless

you love Me – DeSantis is the guy to watch, he’s the new Trump…flawless.

Ronald Dion was born, but simply Ron. 43 years old, Governor of Florida from 2019 and Practically speaking, he is already assured of being re-elected in the midterm elections scheduled for November. And most importantly, by all accounts, Key to the future Republican White House nominee in 2024.

By all accounts, except for his account, at least on the official level.

A mixture of caution and Devotion to a teacher, to that billionaire who is in some ways an ape and who claims to have learned everything politically. I learned everything To the point of understanding mistakes, boundaries, and even blunders, perhaps better than anyone else. Which already shows that he doesn’t want to make it his own at all, and that he’s already using it to get into his heels, but at the same time he clearly distances himself from it.

In short, DeSantis, “shouting” but never vulgar, exasperated but emphatically self confidencedeclares war on many causes, but challenges them all on the ground, politically correct.

The first battle, of course, is precisely that against political correctness itself. Who plays in the ripping, however, without vulgarity, but actually mocks it, with that quiet voice of its own, almost ironically reassuring.

Then a long list of files, head on one by one.

miscarriage, for example. The topic is at the center of the American debate at this very long moment. I started with Historic ruling of the Supreme Courtresulting in a Until the controversy around the world and fell now Arm wrestling with a local judge just called a ‘life-saving’ measure unconstitutionalAnd the.

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“A crazy interpretation, the Florida Constitution does not recognize – and never did – the right to kill an innocent unborn child.”

very clear wordsaccompanied by the stated intention to resume (and thus prevent abortion after the fifteenth week of pregnancy), Which comforts the hearts of conservatives, of all conservatives in America.

“The historical battle for life is not over yet, but it begins now.”

In parallel, it is now an icon quarrel with disney. With the leaders of the most famous amusement park in the world severely criticizing the ruler The so-called “anti-gay” law And in general his Negative attitude towards the LGBTQIA+ مجتمع community. And with the governor who responded to the voice tax threats and re-release The controversy over the anti-Covid vaccinewhich Disney has demanded of all of its employees and which DeSantis describes as huge Violation of basic personal freedoms.

And then, finally, the most important question, is the question of the virus, the pandemic and the (non-) restrictions.. Great job mare. In fact, objectively, his amazing success. Which puts him in an exceptional position of strength and pride, Montaser Bladin opposes the whole world’s story. with the model Florida breaks record after record, not just economic real estatewith the free society that has become The magnet is for foreigners and Americans alike. Even with an avalanche Democrats who, having escaped from New York or Los Angeles and strictly turned off the microphones, kept him with applause and praise, They hide their intention to strongly support him, and the desire to vote for him.

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In November? Or even further?
The next president of the USA?


The United States may not need Trump again.
The United States may need a new Trump.

(Ronald Dion DeSantis – of Italian descent, his great-grandmother Luigia Colucci immigrated to the United States from Castelfranci, Avellino)

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