Russian missiles over Odessa. The United States now fears a chemical attack

Russian missiles over Odessa.  The United States now fears a chemical attack

Odessa He returned in plain sight from Russia. The Kremlin forces hit the coastal city with three Iskander ballistic missiles In an attack that claimed the lives of some victims. Meanwhile, fear is growing that Moscow will use it again chemical weapons.

Odessa was hit by three missiles

The most important news in the latest events in the Ukrainian conflict concerns Odessa. The head of the Regional State Administration, Maxim Marchenko, denounced the Russian attack, adding that the raid would have led to Victims. We do not yet know the number of dead or wounded.

Missiles started from Crimea. According to the Southern Operations Command of the Military Forces in Kyiv, citing Ukrainian TV hanging On their Telegram channel, the Russians tried to hit some unspecified infrastructure located in the Odessa region. The air defense forces acted, and it seemed that the missiles did not hit their intended targets.

Odessa is a hero city. There are heroic people ready to fight in every street and house: with all our citizens we are ready Even to resist an attack“This was said by Gennady Trukhanov, the mayor of Odessa, in recent days.”We are ready in town – repeat –, we are working on perfecting a defensive system, even among the population. We also create self-defense systems with regional defense groups and brigades. So, we do everything we can supported City“.

At the moment, the Ukrainian resistance was, therefore, able to repel the Russian attack. We’ll see if Moscow is back in the office in the next few hours. Russian warships at the base SevastopolIn the Crimea, they could have been equipped with cruise missiles. In addition to the Iskanders, the Kremlin is theoretically capable of relying on missiles 3M-54 Caliberfrightening because it is able to change course several times during the flight and is therefore difficult to intercept.

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chemical weapons specter

Meanwhile, as mentioned, the United States of America They supply Ukraine Material Specifically in the case of Russia’s use of chemical weapons. The confirmation came directly from White House spokesman Jen Psaki. He, revealed Politicianto gas masksAnd the protective suits and others equipment. Thus Washington accepted Kyiv’s request and sent these materials to protect civilians, even though Kyiv had decided to use them for its soldiers.

Me too’European Union It will start stockpiling protective equipment and medicines to strengthen its defenses against chemical accidentsAnd the nuclear And the biological. The agency said the supplies were arriving in the context of the war in Ukraine Reuterswill also include equipment for decontaminationgloves, masks and other items used in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence. Storage should last for weeks, maybe even a few months, and will expand the reserves available to EU countries, but also to partner countries, starting with Ukraine.

according to Reutersthat pushing the European Commission to interfere with reserves of medical devices and medicines would have, at least in part, Worried Nuclear accidents or other dangerous events may occur in Ukraine.

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