US, Supreme Court against Trump: Hand over documents related to the attack on Congress to the Commission of Inquiry

The US Supreme Court rejected the request Donald Trump It aims to prevent the White House from providing documents to the Commission of InquiryAttack on Congress. The intelligentsia rejected the former president’s demand for the right to keep the actions of the executive secret. This is a significant victory for the Democrats.

More than 800 pages of documents include the president’s diaries, lists of White House visitors, phone calls, emails, draft texts and handwritten notes. Cards that could shed light on the events that led to the attack on Capitol Hill, according to the Commission of Inquiry into January 6, 2021.

Trump’s lawyers aimed to extend the time by dragging the matter into courtrooms. In fact, the judges were asked not to hand over the goods until the verdict. They argued that “a former president has the right to uphold the executive right even after his term expires,” arguing that the demand for the record was “surprisingly large” and blamed the Democratic-controlled House of Inquiry. Investigate against a “political opponent”.

The former president was primarily asking the federal appellate court to stay the sentence, but the Supreme Court rejected the request by a majority of 8 to 1. The only judge who ruled in favor of the suspension was a conservative. Clarence Thomas. The other five Conservatives, who are part of America’s highest judicial body, three of whom were nominated by Trump, voted three liberals.

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