“I want to know if my daughter is dead”

“I want to know if my daughter is dead”

The mother of Katie, the girl who disappeared in Barcelona two months agoShe sent a desperate message to speed up the search for her daughter.

Giselle Catherine de Souza Quintero, known as Katie A 34-year-old woman from Valencia Compared to last April He disappeared in Barcelona.

The young woman, who had been diagnosed with a mental health disorder since 2009, He needs medicationBut he wasn’t taking it, which made his mother Irene even more worried. In fact, she was the last person to receive any kind of communication from her daughter on the day she disappeared.

“They kidnapped me. They’re going to kill me, mom.” Katie wrote to her mother before her phone stopped ringing and disappeared without a trace. The last time she was seen was A Barcelona bus station And she was alone.

Days after his disappearance was recorded A bank transaction in your current account. It was made of Paris, in FranceIt is near the Spanish embassy, ​​but no one has proof of its presence there, and there is no picture specifying its location in the neighboring country.

Her mother, Irene, believes her daughter was not in France and that someone else used her checking account. As he explained to Telecinco, “My daughter is a professional person, educated, very eager to start working. But she needs medicine, and she could have a seizure and get sick. I can’t be like this. There have been days when I don’t eat out of desperation. “I want to know if my daughter is alive or dead.”Sorry, Donut.

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The Valencia Court is investigating the case, but has classified the case in principle as… “Voluntary escape” They believe that Katie is not helpless, despite her mother’s warnings.

Suspicious disappearance

On April 22, Irene received a visit from a man at her home who delivered it to her Part of Katie’s documentationWhich he found when he landed in Valencia. The woman brought this fact to the police’s attention and was shortly afterwards able to speak to Katie.

Despite everything, the young woman continued on her way, and that’s when… Barcelona bus station cameras They caught her there. Her mother didn’t know why Katie was going to Barcelona, ​​but she thought it would be a quick trip.

On April 27, Irene received a message that the girl had been kidnapped and returned to the police station to report it. Nearly two months have passed since then and Irene has never heard from her daughter again.

He thinks it’s impossible that his daughter won’t call him in two months if he’s really okay. She is convinced of that The use of his credit card in France was fraudulentEither because he lost it or because someone stole it, and he asks the Valencia court to continue the investigation.

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