Why You’re Getting Calls From Zwicker and Associates

Why is Zwicker and Associates calling you? Well, it’s possible that you have a debt you need to attend to. Then again, then again, maybe the purported debt is questionable, at best. Just know that while such calls and contacts can feel intimidating, you do have rights — you needn’t just roll over. In fact, the Consumer Credit Protection Act covers you from illegal collection practices, so take heart.

Let’s look at why you’re getting calls from Zwicker and Associates and what you can do about it.

Who are Zwicker and Associates?

If you’re genuinely perplexed about to why Zwicker and Associates are calling you, it’s because you could be accountable for a debt, so it is in your best interest to answer the call.

Zwicker & Associates is a consumer debt collection business and legal company based near Boston, Massachusetts, which collects for a variety of clients, including credit card companies. The company, which generates over $84 million annually, also buys accounts and tracks them down. The firm can also file a lawsuit against you, which may result in wage garnishment and other unpleasantries. It has one goal in mind: to recover money for their clients.

What should I do when Zwicker and Associates contact me for a debt?

When Zwicker & Associates approach you about a debt you allegedly owe, there are three actions you may take:

  • You can validate or dispute the debt
  • You can review the debt’s statute of limitations
  • You can make an agreement to pay

Let’s discuss these options in more detail below.

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Validate or dispute the debt

Because collection agents are human, they can make errors. If this happens and it appears that you owe money, but you are certain you do not, you should fight the allegation. You also don’t want to pay an old debt that is past the statute of limitations. Request a debt validation letter if you receive a collection call.

Debt collectors are required by law to issue you a debt validation letter, which summarizes the debt, how much is owed, and where it came from, among other things. See also International Business Times – PIF is one step away from the Inter. Suning sells for a billion dollars. If you are unclear about the debt for which you are being approached, you must submit the debt verification letter within 30 days of receiving the collection agent’s request for further information.

Consumers are completely within their rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to contest a debt that your feel you don’t owe.

In the event of a genuine disagreement, the collection agency must immediately cease collection actions, check the real amount of debt, validate consumer information, and communicate their findings with you. Failure to do any of this can result in a failure to collect.

Review the debt’s statute of limitations

The limited time during which debt collectors can sue you to recover a debt is referred to as the statute of limitations. Most such statutes are between three and six years in length, although they vary by state and debt type.

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If Zwicker & Associates has validated the debt and can demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that you owe the amount specified, it’s still a good idea to research the limitation statues in your state

Come to an agreement

As previously said, collectors are human beings, and as such, there is a place for negotiating for a price you can afford. Debt negotiation through a debt relief company is the process of negotiating with your creditors for a deal you can afford. This may mean a new pay schedule or lower interest rate, about which you can learn more at https://www.freedomdebtrelief.com.

Understandably, it can be annoying to receive unsolicited collection calls daily. However, it would be problematic for you to ignore them. So, pick up the phone and find out why Zwicker and Associates are calling you.

Then deal with them accordingly.

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