August 11, 2022

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US President Joe Biden is positive again on Covid. He is currently asymptomatic

The White House announced that the US President Joe Biden again positive in Corona Virus. The First positive test was registered in July 21. Then he reported his medical file mild symptomsAs explained by the doctor Kevin O’Connor: “The president mainly suffers from a runny nose and fatigue with an occasional dry cough that started last night.” Biden was treated with an antiviral drug Baxlovid. The July 27 The New ad: Biden is negativeSo much so, that he also introduced himself to the audience in the White House Rose Garden: “He tested negative for Covid after five days of isolation. Fortunately my symptoms were mild and now I feel fine.”

Now Biden has proven himself positive again. This time, his doctors explained, He has no symptoms and will not have to follow Paxlovid-based therapy. The president confirmed the news on his Twitter account: “Today’s comrades tested positive for Covid again. It happens to someone. I have no symptoms but I am self-isolating for the safety of everyone around me. I am still working hard and will be back on the right track soon.”

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