US media: “The Supreme Court is ready to abolish gun restrictions in New York.” But shooting has reached record levels

US media: “The Supreme Court is ready to abolish gun restrictions in New York.”  But shooting has reached record levels

Related criminal acts arms doubled in just two years, almost daily shooting and mayor, Eric AdamsAnd the who believes Declare a state of emergency In the city to impose stricter rules on gun ownership. but the Supreme Court of the United States It seems to go against the current, and according to Washington Postready to make a sentence he can Unrestriction Already valid for possession of weapons in big apple. A decision that, in addition to facilitating the circulation of rifles and shotguns in the city, could generate a domino effect Which can include 12 other states of the country, including CaliforniaAnd the New JerseyAnd the MarylandAnd the Hawaii And the Massachusetts.

With the country shocked massacres In recent months, the judges’ decision, if confirmed, would conflict with the government’s desire to end the proliferation of guns, as well as the decision of the first citizen of New York and also that of the government. Congressit seems, given that a Capitol Hill You are trying to derive a bipartisan agreement To restrict possession of weapons, on the wave of indignation on Massacre at a Texas elementary school Uvald that caused 21 deadbone children.

The court will make its decision based on an appeal against the New York law governing granting Firearms in public, only to those who prove to the authorities that they really need it. The decision is expected in early July at the latest, but as early as November, when the debate began, most court judges, with a conservative majority, said they believed Americans had the right to carry guns even outside the home. ..

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There are 25 states where a permit is not required to carry a gun in public, even in crowded places like restaurants or malls. Several other states require a permit, but owners do not have to justify the need to possess a firearm to apply for one.

At the beginning of June, the mayor of New York also spoke about the issue because in his city, cases of gun violence have risen in recent years. From 2019 to 2021 has passed From 777 to 1,562doubled in just two years, with numbers reaching their highest levels since 2006. So Adams, a former policeman, decided that Strengthening urban security Increased presence of agents on the streets of the capital and re-launched one as well Arms Control Department Canceled in the past due to numerous reported violations.

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