US media says Trump “under investigation for espionage” –

US media says Trump “under investigation for espionage” –
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Lawyers for the former president also gave the green light to publish the search warrant

Donald Trump and his lawyers gave The green light to publish the inspection order The FBI from his residence in Mar-a-Lago. Trump himself has not said that he is against such a move. Now an official court order is needed to reveal the content of the document. According to the American media – especially Politico – The former president will be under investigation for espionage. The charge will be reported in an FBI search warrant. At Trump headquarters in Florida, customers will also track down Secret papers of French President Emmanuel Macron.

After that, the former president will be investigated Violation of the espionage law, which is the Espionage Act, but also for “obstructing the investigation” and “removing or destroying official documents”. Serious crimes involving Several years in prison or penalty. Justice fundamentally challenges the billionaire Stolen and kept for himself a series of secret documents related to national security.

Trump responded by declaring his innocence: “Materials seized by the FBI at his residence in Mar-a-Lago. It was all kept secretHe claims through social media the truth. Article, says the former president, He was in a “safe place, Additional lock upon request.

Searched in Mar-a-Lago Personally authorized by the Minister of Justice Merrick Garland. The FBI searched Trump’s home for top-secret documents Affect the US nuclear arsenal.

“All material seized by the FBI at the Mar-a-Lago residence has been declassified”: that’s what Donald Trump is claiming on social media is the truth. The former president said the materials were in a “secure location with an additional lock upon request”.

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