US intelligence report on the origin of the Corona virus: ‘It did not spread as a biological weapon’

US intelligence report on the origin of the Corona virus: ‘It did not spread as a biological weapon’

“The Corona Virus It did not spread as a biological weapon.” This is what appeared from Discretato report Developed by management US intelligence communityIt is the organization that includes seventeen US Federal Security Agencies. He was the president of the United States Joe Biden to solicit aInvestigation The international aims to reconstruct the origin of the virus, in order to obtain as much information as possible about what really happened in China, with the first case occurring “no later than November 2019”. In the 18-page document, a fileintelligence The US believes that it is “unlikely to be able to definitively determine the origin of Covid-19, in the absence of new evidence or evidence”. This is due to the fact that, according to the American 007, the theory of the accident in the biological laboratory in Wuhan, during the experiment, is likely that an infection occurred between a wild animal and one or more researchers.

According to some members of the intelligence, “the work of researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology for coronaviruses fundamentally exposed them to various risks of unconsciously contracting the virus.” Moreover, “it is plausible that the researchers inadvertently exposed themselves to the virus without sequencing it during experiments or sampling activities, with consequent mild or asymptomatic infection” and consequent spread also outside the laboratory. Another hypothesis, but one that experts generally consider less likely, is the hypothesis of natural origin, with the virus being transmitted from an (unspecified) animal to a human. The US intelligence also denied in the report that “the Chinese people were aware of the virus regardless of its origins.” Finally, in the last lines of the document, experts comment: “The world scientific community was unable to determine where, when and how the first human infection with the Coronavirus occurred.”

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